Industrial Painting

Pinter is a leader in industrial painting both by powder coating and in liquid paint applications, with two automatic pretreatment lines of 6 and 8 phases respectively

Powder Coating

Powder painting is one of the cleanest and most efficient alternatives, powder coating is a type of organic coating used to cover and protect all types of metal materials.

Liquid Paint

Liquid paint offers us effective solutions on the limitations of temperature, protection applications in pieces already assembled or in pieces where the application of powder paint is not feasible.

Industrial Painting Paints and Derivatives S.L.

Complete and high performance solutions
Treatment of paints and finishes

Pintados y Derivados rose to be in the years 1970 to 1980 from the older company Derivados de la Pintura S.A. From the beginning a forward looking, optimistic and stong company the passage of time has seen those traits confirmed and validated. In 1993 with a change in management The company was renamed Pintados y Derivados S.L. “Pinter”

Featuring 4 continuous lines of pre treatment (undercoating) of 5, 6 and 8 stages respectably to enable Alkaline and Amorphous powder coating. Our liquid paint service, relies upon three installations, pressurized cabins, temperatura controlled and equipped with cutting edge dehumidifiers. Recently two new production lines have been added featuring SPINDLE automated robot painting units amongst their features providing “liquid spray” for plastics such as ABS, POLYEUROTHENE, PM and POLYESTER etc.

Órganico epoxi

· Ind. metal furniture piece (internal)
· Automobile (internal and external)
· Electronic and electrical equipment
· Household accessories and decor
· Hostel
· Hospital
· Brown and white line
· Chemical resistance parts

Organic Polyester

· Ind. metal furniture piece (external)
· Automobile (external)
· External metal structures
· Gardening Tool
· Water and gas meters
· Bicycles and motorcycles
· Brown and white line
· Parks and gardens

Organic Enamel

· Industrial parts and machinery
· Bikes and motorbikes
· Decoration
· Plastics
· Automotion
· Office furniture
· Lights and outdoor lighting
· Railroad network
· Agricultural and forestry


· Automobile (internal)
· Furniture in general
· Shelving
· White line
· Refrigerators
· Washers
· Lighting Ind.
· Electrical closets
· Fire extinguisher