Powder painting for large pieces

PINTER has a large facilities with enough capacity for big pieces of metal structure.

Our installation of large pieces supports sizes of 7m x 2.5m x 3m and up to 2 tons of weight.

Industrial powder paint is a coating in the form of a solid powder. It is applied by electrostatic means on metal surfaces and acquires excellent properties after passing
through a polymerization oven.

The coating in powder paint is ideal for extreme environments of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet light.

The finish of the pieces with powder coating is impeccable, gives a great resistance to wear and ultraviolet light.


The powder coating allows a large number of customized finishes.
Our production line allows us to paint large industrial objects and materials and, at the same time, is ready to give a quick exit to pieces in series.


Pieces of 7m x 3m x 2,50m
Up to 2.000kg


Always with excellent finishes, a hard finish more resistant than conventional paint.






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