Dust Paint

An ecologic and proficient covering.Quality and Efficiency

Nowadays this dust covering has a high position in the metallurgic sector due to several reasons: it reduces costs, has a quick application and generates few waste which diminishes environmental impact. Dust Paint is one of the cleaner and more competent alternatives. It is a kind of organic overlay which is used to cover and protect all kind of metallic materials. Compared with liquid paint, it is the only one with dry components 100% free of solvents.


Dust Paint Advantages

Dust Cover has got a lot of advantages compared to most of the industrial paints and that is the reason why it has become in a high competitive product really well accepted in the marked.


  • It produces coverings of an excellent resistance to corrosion, warm, impact, abrasion, in the open and to extreme temperature changes.
  • It is possible to get high brilliance, half-brilliance, matte, metallic effects, pearly and even colorless.
  • It can be arranged with different thickness depending on the application and the piece’s use.
  • Dust Paint respects the environment. Dust coverings doesn’t need solvents so they have got almost any volatile emissions. That means an important contamination reduction but also in solvents costs and fire risk.

Liquid Paint

Multi-material solutionsLarge color range

Liquid paint is the appropriate technology to cover nonmetallic materials. It offers viable and effectual solutions for temperature limitations, protection applications in already assembled pieces or in other ones which cannot be treated with dust paint.


Its use is essential in the automotive industry, plastic components and special range color applications.


Our company counts with a liquid paint area with needing-oil vapor system, pressurized cabins, primer and static oven drying.